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Lecture 13

MARK301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Mcgraw-Hill Education, Takers, Aisle

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Utku Akkoc

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Chapter 13
The Role of Salespeople
-Personal Selling
-purpose: making sales and building win-win customer relationships
-role differs from firm to firm
-Order Takers don’t try to convince/persuade customers
-Order Getters try to persuade the customer
-B2B persuading customers at target organization/company
-critical link between company and customers
-essential that you bring marketing and sales together
Six Major Steps in Sales Force Management
-Design sales strategy
-Recruiting the right salespeople
-Training salespeople
-Compensating salespeople
-Supervising salespeople
-Evaluating salespeople
Designing a Sales Force Strategy
-specific territory for each salesperson/team
-allows salespeople to develop deeper relationships with the clients in their area
-ex. McGraw Hill
-specific product for each salesperson/team
-allows for product specialization (very knowledgeable about that product)
-ex. GE have different products/businesses and have different salespeople for each category
-specific client for each salesperson/team
-allows you to be knowledgeable about your client’s business
-avoids conflicts of interest
-ex. Nielson (teams that are very knowledgeable about their clients
-combination of orientation strategies
-ex. PG uses both territorial and customer
-Larger Salesforce
-larger sales and costs
-Workload Approach
-size is determined based on the number of customers and the effort needed to serve them
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