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Lecture 3

MARK312 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Database Marketing, Marketing Mix, Costco

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CHAPTER 3 - Secondary Data Collection and Management
Nature and Scope of Secondary Data
Secondary data is information that has been gathered and only might be relevant
to the problem at hand.
should seek both internal and external data if possible
internal includes - annual reports, reports to shareholders, sales data, etc
ā€¢internal database - a collection of related information developed from data
within the organization
ā€¢database marketing - marketing that relies on the creation of a large
computerized ļ¬le of customersā€™ and potential customersā€™ proļ¬les and purchase
patterns to create a targeted marketing mix
external includes - government agencies that complied and publish summaries of
business data, trade and industry publications, other media, etc
researcher needs to determine:
1. whether useful information already exists, and how to obtain it
2. the relevancy of the information - which is why you look inside ļ¬rst
as part of the ļ¬nal report, need to have some of this stuff, ļ¬nd the industry
averages, because need to place the data in context
speed of marketing research important these days - can get this info really fast
keep in mind - do not put the secondary data separate. If the information is
relevant put it with the primary data
ā€œaccording to a studyā€¦. we found our information is accurate because of this
found industry benchmarkā€
Role of Secondary Data in Marketing Research
sometimes used more than primary research
possible to answer a research question and never do a questionnaire
Secondary Data Research Tasks & Marketing Research Process
areas where secondary data will always play a minor role are product and
concept testing, focus groups, and customer satisfaction surveys
Functional roles include external market data, external customer data, and
internal support data
the key part is that is open source - you can mostly download all the data out
there, at least from the government, for example
Advantages of Secondary Data
Fraction of cost, time, inconvenience of primary data collection
May help clarify or redeļ¬ne the deļ¬nition of the problem as part of the exploratory
research process
may actually provide a solution to the problem
may provide alternative methods for primary research
may alert the marketing researcher to potential problems and/or difļ¬culties
may provide the sample frame
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