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Lecture 13

MARK312 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Personal Information Protection And Electronic Documents Act, Patriot Act, Royal Irish Academy

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Webb Dussome

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Issues in Marketing Research Privacy and Ethics
Important Goals
Data Quality
and overall research integrity
integrity - we take some measures to make sure that the data we provide is high quality
Time Management
incidence rates and interviews lengths are major considerations
the finer you segment the market, the more time you need (takes time and effort)
interviews lengths - need to keep in mind how long it will take to fill out
be conscious that different things take up your money
Cost Management
requires control for internal tracking purpose
especially for companies that subcontract work - if you subcontract the questionnaire
design out to another company, the client had the right to know who it was
subcontracted out to
Client Profitability Management
responsibility can be shared between client and supplier
trying to develop a relationship based on mutual respect and trust
need to sign off on important stages - e.g. questionnaire
a lot of ethics in marketing have to do with trade offs
Unethical Practices in Marketing Research
need to recognize success is based on goodwill of the public
Research Suppliers
need to respect public
a lot of respondents do not get paid - so why should they do it? at the end of the day we
would like to believe that the work we do is meaningful, to them as well meaning that
their input is important
how do they know you respect them?
don’t be overly aggressive
doing on the basis of informed consent
consider the questionnaire length - ask only the questions you need to get answered for
the particular study and nothing more, recognize that the marketing research industry is
not really regulated by the government, but if you continue long studies then people will
complain and may become legislated
Research Clients
e.g. biased sampling, supporting an objective that has already been decided on
how would you know that there is office politics?
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