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Management Information Systems
Jim Kiddoo

MIS 427 9192013 90800 AM Anatomy of an AttackThe Process Hit and Run get in and then get outProfilingunderstanding an organizationUnderstanding the user namesPolicieshow soon do they have to change their passwordsWho are they partnered withAutomated vs ManualWho does their accountingProbing and ScanningDisturb you in your houseLook for open doors and windowsEnumerateExploitRun attack softwareRun DOSTarget data at service in certain from Email virus to usersRun for the HillsGo into a log and then erase that you were even thereHowever that information should have been mirrored somewhere elseOngoing Hack monitor and track o Gathering dataExit proceduresPolicies and ProceduresSoftware versionsVendors and third Parties New software or systems o ExploitFind tools neededWrite tools neededDevelop plan o Elevate PrivilegesGet passwordsAdd usernamesGet usernamesCreate trusted relationshipsOpen doorsdisable antivirus ie Norton update points back to itselfo Cover track and Install ToolsErase logsTime delay softwareRemote control toolsKeyloggerChange programs names and add new onesAdd Startup files o Gather Sensitive infoAutomatically get data sent to youGo in and get dataTriggers on activityCompile data o EasiestStolen or lost laptopsThe wwwregistercoukwwwGadgetopiacom
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