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Practice Exercises for MGTSC 312 November 1 2011 11 From the Descriptive Statistics table given the mean minimum and maximum values and the standard deviation for the dependent variable BabyMort1246 28 708 1755 2 The dependent variable is defined as the mortality rate per 1000 for children under 5 years of age Would a value of this variable equal to its mean minus one standard deviation make senseNo We cant have a negative mortality rate 3 What is the estimated equation for regression R5 b bbbbEstimated BabyMortImmuneElecPerCapitaGNIPerCapitaRandom 1 0234 14507129Immune00045ElecPerCapita00059GNIPerCapita109Random4 If each of the independent variables takes on its sample mean value in the estimated R5 regression what is the estimated value of the dependent variable for the equation Estimated BabyMort1450712991700045920191000593243233109191198 5 Why doesnt the estimated value given above for BabyMort equal the sample mean for the dependent variable It differs slightly from the sample mean of 1246 because of rounding errors05All except equation R4 6 Which of the equations have F values that are significant with 01All except equations R2 and R4 7 Which of the equations have F values that are significant with 8 Give the degrees of freedom in the numerator and the denominator for F statistic for each of the five regressions 1 degree of freedom in the numerator and 30228 in the denominator for regressions R1 R2 R3 and R44 degrees of freedom in the numerator and 30525 in the denominator for regression R5 8 What are the null and alternative hypotheses for regression model R5 for the F value referred to above 0H versusandorandorandor0H0004 3 2 1 01a234 If the independent variable Immune is raised by 5 through
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