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Excel Basics

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Management Science
Philip Davidson

MGTSC 312: Lab One Excel Basics – September 6, 2012 Meet the team • Lab instructors ‒Ted Ritzen: 8 AM, 9 AM, & 10 AM • [email protected] ‒Kurtis Letwin: 11 AM & 12 PM • [email protected] ‒Fernanda Campello de Souza: 1 PM & 2 PM • [email protected] • Grading managers ‒Cara Noble & Mark Wang • [email protected] & [email protected] • Tech manager ‒Nathan Ryhard • [email protected] MGTSC 312: Lab One - Excel Basics 2 Getting started • Authenticate ‒ CCID ‒ Password • Login to uLearn ( ‒ Browse to “Fall 2012 MGTSC 312 Common” ‒ From the “Labs” section on the left, download the files for today ‒ Click on both the Excel file and the PowerPoint fileVE TO SA DESKTOP MGTSC 312: Lab One - Excel Basics 3 uLearn • Similar to eClass/WebCT, with small differences • On the course website you will find… ‒ Staff information under “Contacts” ‒ Lab materials, assignments, etc. ‒ Lecture materials ‒ And much more MGTSC 312: Lab One - Excel Basics 4 Assignments/HW • Due on date indicated on „Assignments‟page on uLearn • You can submit as many times as you want ‒ We will mark the most recent submission only • Always place your student ID# on your homework • Cheating and plagiarism of homework is a serious offense ‒ Protect yourself: on public (lab) machines, delete files and empty the Recycle bin MGTSC 312: Lab One - Excel Basics 5 Exams/Quizzes • Quizzes will take place in both the lab and the lectures • Quizzes in the lab will have a time limit of 10-15 minutes, and will begin at the start of the lab (on the hour) • Should you be late for a quiz, it is unlikely that you will be given extra time • Exams will take place in the lab • Exams will have a time limit and will begin five minutes after the start of the lab (five minutes after the hour) • Should you be late for an exam, you will not be given extra tim e • It is imperative that you attend the lab section that you are registered in for your Exams and Quizzes. Students will be unable to write Exams/Quizzes in lab sections that they are not registered in. • More information on Exams/Quizzes will follow prior to the first one. MGTSC 312: Lab One - Excel Basics 6 Excel 2007 vs. 2010 • You will be using Excel 2010 for exams in this course ‒ Files posted on uLearn will be in Excel 2010 (.xlsx) format ‒ Assignment and exam submissions should be saved in Office 2010 format ‒ Very Minute Differences between Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 • – Office ProfessionalAcademic 2010 yours for only $89 CAD MGTSC 312: Lab One - Excel Basics 7 Help Sessions/Excel Brush-Up • Help Sessions will be offered in the lab prior to in-lab Quizzes and/or Exams • Help Sessions are designed to help students go over material that is causing them problems. There will be no lecturing during Help Sessions, only TAs available to answer questions. ‒ As time is limited during Help Sessions, please come prepared with your questions. It is best to keep on top of what you don‟t know – the Help Session is intended to be a last-minute review, not a time to learn new material! • Should you feel that you are not up to speed with Excel, the OM Club offers an “Excel Brush-Up” training session to help! ‒ Dates: Monday, September 10 and 17 th ‒ Time: 7:00 PM ‒ Location: BusB-18 ‒ Cost: FREE!! MGTSC 312: Lab One - Excel Basics 8 Excel Basics Introduction Getting started… still • If you haven‟t already, download the lab files for Lab 1 from uLearn and save the Excel file to the Desktop before you open it • Follow along ‒ It is good to put the PowerPoint file on one screen and the Excel file on the other so that you are able to follow along with both the notes and with what is happening on the overhead screen. MGTSC 312: Lab One - Excel Basics 10 Getting around • CTRL + arrow keys ‒ Jumps to the end of a range of full cells ‒ Jumps over an empty range to the next full cell • CTRL + SHIFT + arrow keys ‒ Same effect as above, but selects all the cells you jumped over • SHIFT + arrow keys ‒ Adds the next cell in the specified direction to your selected range of cells • Drag & fill: double click the lower right hand part of a cell or click and drag with mouse MGTSC 312: Lab One - Excel Basics 11 T erminology • Workbook • Worksheet • Data set ‒ Variable = Column ‒ Individual Observation = Row MGTSC 312: Lab One - Excel Basics 12 Random Samples • We are going to learn how to make two random samples from a large data set, using the =RAND() function, and will learn some basic Excel tricks along the way • First, if you haven‟t done so already, open the Excel file containing 5000+ data (Census Large Sample) ‒ This data was taken from a Canadian long-form census completed in 2006. • As you can see, this data set contains data for over 5000 individuals who responded to the census • To perform tests with the data, we would like to make some smaller sub-samples to make our lives a
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