MICRB 265 (09/09/13) - Glycobiology Guest Lecture By Dr. Christine Szymanski

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University of Alberta
Microbiology (Biological Sciences)
Brian Lanoil

MICRB 265: Guest Lecture (September 9,2013) Dr. Christine Szymanski - Glycobiology  Macromolecules include: o Proteins o Carbohydrates o Lipids o Nucleic acids (DNA/RNA)  FUN FACT: Clownfish have the ability to live within the tentacles of sea anemone without being stung. How so? Clownfish actually have a dense layer of sugar coating them and this sugar coating insulates them from the sea anemone’s stings.  Gram-positive microbes have a very thick peptidoglycan layer as compared to the gram-negative counterparts. o When gram-stained, gram-positive microbes appear purple and gram- negative microbes appear pink (from safranin) GLYCOBIOLOGY  Is the study of the structure, biosynthesis (how organisms produce), biology, and evolution of saccharides o Saccharides include sugar chains and glycans  Rapidly growing field in the natural sciences Campylobacter Jejuni (C. Jejuni)  Bacteria that dwells in feces… especially from poultry  Gram-negative  Antibiotics are effective against this bacteria o If untreated though, victims may become paralyzed or die
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