MICRB 265 (09/11/13) Guest Lecture - Dr.Feldman

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Microbiology (Biological Sciences)
Brian Lanoil

MICRB 265 – Guest Lecture (September 11, 2013) Dr. Feldman  In gram-positive cells, the peptidoglycan is outside of the cell. If you get rid of it, the bacterium will die.  Glycoconjugate synthesis: o Sugars activated o Subunits are assembles in the cytoplasm o Transfer subunit onto lipid o Flipping across membrane into periplasm o Sugars put together o Then exported outside of cell membrane  Difficult though as peptidoglycan is a large molecule and therefore difficult to get through  Mycobacteria is a ‘crazy’ bacteria o Produces a lot of weird polysaccharides o Sugars made that we have never seen in other organisms  Humans have “L amino acids” o Similar to D amino acids  General purpose of antibiotics: Kill the bacteria while being non-toxic to the host  Bacteria need enzymes in order to divide  Lipopolysaccharides are referred to as “the basics” o Lipid A connected to an inner core oligosaccharide, then an outer core oligosaccharide, and finally repeat O-antigen unit(s)  O-antigens and capsules are implemented by bacteria to protect from human immune system 
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