MICRB 265 (10/04/13) BIOENERGETICS: Part III - Metabolic Diversity

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Microbiology (Biological Sciences)
Brian Lanoil

MICRB 265 (October 4, 2013) BIOENERGETICS: Part III – Metabolic Diversity (con’t) CO 2eduction: Methanogenesis  Methanogenesis = “methane” + “making”  CO 2 CH 4  Methanogens (bacteria that carry out methanogenesis) are obligatory anaerobes  They are generally chemolithotrophs o Some can metabolize acetate  Responsible for a lot of the methane gas released into the atmosphere o 2/3 of people have methanogens in their gut o 1/3 of people have acetogens in their gut o It’s one or the other… they do not co-exist Aerobic Chemolithotrophy  Nitrification (ammonia  nitrate and nitrite) o Primary component of wastewater treatment o Nitrate is good fertilizer  Too much = polluted groundwaters  Sulfur Oxidation  Iron oxidation o Con: Leads to corrosion of metal structures o Makes iron insoluble to plants Reverse Electron Flow  CO 2ixation requires a lot of NADH for electrons  Most of these alternative energy sources (having and electron terminal acceptor other than O 2 have a E 0ess than that of NAD+/NADH and therefore, reverse electron flow is required to generate NADH o Reverse electron flow is efficient BUT it does require energy o If you look at the tower of power, only 3 groups are able to produce NADH without reverse electron flow  Chemolithotrophs use inorganic carbon while fermenters use organic carbon Sulfur Oxidation  HS , S2 3, S have E m0re positive than NAD/NADH o You know what this means…. Reverse electron flow is REQUIRED! Iron Oxidation  The acidic environment saves the cell energy because it doesn’t have to pump protons outside of the cell to create a gradient. H is consumed from within the cell to produce this gradient instead o This method also keeps the pH of the cell’s inside near neutral  Reverse electron flow required to make NADH (lower on the tower of power) 2+  Rusticyanin oxidizes Fe o Ferrous
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