MICRB 265 (10/11/13) Microbial Nutrition and Growth

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University of Alberta
Microbiology (Biological Sciences)
Brian Lanoil

MICRB 265 (October 11, 2013) Microbial Nutrition and Growth  Nitrogen is very important for cell growth  Macronutrients are nutrients that are needed in HIGH QUANTITIES o CHONPS = building blocks (protein, lipid, nucleic acid) o K+ and Na+  Important for membrane transport 2+ 2+ o Ca and Mg  Cell wall polymer constitution 2+  Mg is important for enzymatic functions o Fe  Important for cytochromes synthesizing and the Fe/S proteins Redfield Ratio  Ratio of nutrients in seawater AND marine organisms o 106C:16N:1P  How? o Microorganisms control this ratio! o Changes to the environment pool over time Micronutrients o Needed in SMALL amounts o Mn, Zn, Co, Mo, Ni, Cu o Cells usually attain them as impurities of macronutrients o Important role: o Cofactors of enzymes 12  Co  Vitamin B  Ni  part of bacterial hydrogenase  Mo  part of bacterial nitrogenase  Cu  part of some bacterial cytochromes  Mn  part of super oxide dismutase  Zn  part of RNA and DNA polymerase  Is a substance is found within a cell in high quantities o It is called a nutrient  If a substance is found outside a cell in small amounts o It is a toxin Minimal Bacterial Growt
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