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Lecture 2

MARK442 Lecture 2: Review of Marketing Fundamentals

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Jim Swaffield

Mark 442 Review of the Fundamentals of Marketing Lecture 2 Lecture Objectives After this lesson you should be able to: 1. To describe how marketing philosophies have changed throughout the past century and why the marketing orientation concept is the best philosophy to follow. 2. To be able to describe the marketing orientation philosophy. 3. To be to describe Jims 4 fundamental marketing principles. 4. To be able to describe the concept of positioning. 5. To be able to describe 3 different parties whose needs international marketers must satisfy. 6. To be able to state how domestic marketing differs from international marketing. Notes 1. 2. The marketing orientation era holds that the key to achieving sales success is to provide products that satisfy consumer needs, wants and desires better than the competition. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 3. The marketing concept is based on the marketing mix model that includes product, price, distribution, and promotions. __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________
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