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Lecture 8

MARK442 Lecture 8: International Promotions

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Jim Swaffield

MARK 442 International Promotions 1 Mark 442 International Promotions Lecture Objectives Advertising Recommendati Laws ons Religious Laws After this lesson, you should be able to: 1. describe the elements of the promotional mix. 2. describe the difference between promotional guidelines and promotional laws. 3. describe the arguments in support of and against promotional standardization versus customization. 4. To create the awareness of promotional guides, laws dimensions of culture that affect promotion strategy Notes: Promotions is about Promotions is communication between a company and a potential consumer about how a companys products and services can satisfy the customers needs, wants and desires. Not the selling function of the marketing mix Biological preferences Unconscious needs Advertising and promotions cannot sell a product that people do not have a need for the product latent need people dont have a need for the product, they have a need for the benefit the product creates One product could meet different types of needs Build something with 2x4 Fuel burn the 2x4 for heat Resell value Product Positioning maps Product positioning is a method to identify how a company should differentiate itself from its competitors
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