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Lecture Notes Detailed notes of everything covered during lectures. Completely based upon what the Professor said during class; he covers many things which are not in the textbook and are important for tests. Very helpful if you miss a class!

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Sandy Thorburn

Music 100 NotesthJanuary 4 2010Western music Western Europe Germany France ItalyBecame the center of excellenceCatholic church centered in Rome influenced Western culture more than anythingInfluenced the way music and literature developedCreated a world dominated by ChristianityGermany important bc of military powerIn modern day Western music is defined by certain cultural behaviours one goes to concert does not talk claps at the endMusic is valued as a commodity traded bought etc as suchth 2010January 6Music is defined as being deliberately humanly organised soundThings like the sound of birds chirping questionablethe sound alone is not music but the fact that humans deliberately recorded it can make it musicHarmonic series is a group of notes tied together naturally can hear almost all notes in the series by playing just oneNotes measured by vibrationssecondEx Low A110 Hz vibrationssecond Middle A220 Hz High A440 HzththA 5 plus a 4 is an octaveOne step between notes Ex E and F is called a semitone no sharpflat betweenTwo steps between notes is called a tone Ex C and D C sharp betweenAll major scales are the same all minor scales are differentRhythm is the displacement of times between notes in a melody1 4 5 8 are Consonant intervals2 7 are Dissonant intervals5 4 8 are Perfect intervals36 are MajorMinor27 are MajorMinorthJanuary 27 20101640s Louis XIV king of FranceAbsolute monarch enlightened despotin power whether the people want him in power or notUpon his death he was pelted with rotten vegetables by the people of France bc he almost bankrupted the countryOnly appreciated later once it was realized that his plan for France was actually very wise
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