MUSIC101 Lecture Notes - Monophony, Homophony, Counterpoint

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12 Nov 2012
Putting it Together II: Texture Sept. 17
Texture the blend of the various sounds and melodic lines occurring simultaneously in a piece of music;
one way to talk about that musical whole
- Some are general thick, thin, simple, complex, etc.
Monophony one melodic line, unaccompanied.
- Like all textures, can be used consistently, or to create contrast
- Can be same octave
Homophony one melodic focus, other parts subordinate.
- All moving in same rhythm or single melody with chordal or patterned accompaniment.
Polyphony 1) any music with more than one voice.
2) a texture in which two r more melodies sound simultaneously.
- In this second sense, polyphonic music is also called contrapuntal(from counterpoint)
- Imitative polyphony
- Non-imitative polyphony
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