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David Gramit

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Form, Genre, Style Sept.21
Form The shape of a piece of music; a way to talk about organization, the relationship of parts to a
- Shape is determined by repetition, contrast, and development (change or variation)
What can repeat or change in music?
- Melody (Phrase)
- Pitch
- Rhythm (accent pattern)
- Dynamics
- Harmonic pattern
- Keys etc
- Every piece of music has a form
- Many pieces of music follow one of many different more-or-less standardized forms.
- Rounded binary from (ABA)
- 12 bar blues
- Sonata form
- Forms give composers patterns to work with (or against), and listeners expectations to orient
themselves with.
- But within a standard form, a piece still has a unique shape its own distinctive form.
Genre a category of pieces sharing common traits
- a social construct, not a consistent system
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