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12 Nov 2012
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Comparing Classical vs. Romantic Style Using Piano Examples - Oct. 26
Romanticism: Some General Points
- Romantic period, expression of emotion, open-endedness
Classical period, form, order, clarity
- Music to arouse deep, inner emotions
- Individual feeling, striving for a better, higher, ideal state of being
- Break artistic barriers, harmony and form
- Blending arts poetry, music, visual arts
Classical vs. Romantic Piano
Mozart Linear melody, clear structure
Chopin Unclear melody, Harmony is more chromatic, Pushing and pulling with the time
Character Pieces for Piano
- Character pieces for piano, also referred to as piano miniatures
- Pieces designed to convey a character (people-the individual), mood, atmosphere, scene, story,
- Relatively short, single movement pieces
- Instrumental counterpart of the Lied, expression of emotion without aid of text (except title)
- The character can sometimes be suggested in the title, sometimes the title is more general
- Often published in sets such as Felix Mendelssohns Lied Ohne Worte, Bedrich Smetanas Reves.