NU FS377 Lecture 10: Scope of Food Security in Canada

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University of Alberta
Nutrition and Food Sciences
NU FS377
Karena Apps Eccles

NUFS 377 – Scope of Food Security in Canada What Is Food Insecurity? Food insecurity (developed countries): the inability to acquire or consume an adequate diet in a socially acceptable way or the uncertainty that one will be able to do so This can be caused by lack of physical or economic access to enough food that is safe and nutritious to meet dietary needs. Ex. you can have all the money in the world, but if there is no grocery store nearby you still have food insecurity. Ex. you live next to a grocery store but have no money you are also experiencing food insecurity. Describe the food security continuum and conceptual models. Considered a continuum because food uncertainty  food insufficiency  hunger. None of these are set stages because you are able to shift between each one fluidly. Food insufficiency: inadequate amounts of food intake due to money or resources Hunger: the involuntary lack of access to food (doesn’t count if people are dieting or fasting for religious reasons) The food security conceptual framework is an expansion of this continuum. We still move from food uncertainty  food insufficiency  hunger. However, this model expands the food insufficiency category to individual, household or community levels. In developed countries food insecurity is cyclical meaning it lasts a short time and is rarely always there. It usually depends on things such as how many shifts at work you got that week etc. What is the difference between food security at the individual and household level? At the individual level, food insecurity is experiences as inadequate nutrition, insufficient intake, the lack of choic
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