NU FS377 Lecture 13: Nutrition’s Role in Mental Illness

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University of Alberta
Nutrition and Food Sciences
NU FS377
Karena Apps Eccles

NUFS 377 – Nutrition’s Role in Mental Illness Currently, mental health is a big expense to the Canadian economy. Nutritional interventions can contribute to positive mental health outcomes when they are part of a collaborative and integrative effort aimed at mental health prevention. Nutrition is a modifiable risk factor, which makes it a good target for prevention initiatives. These interventions are not only cost effective but they are also effective. The registered dietician’s job is to increase food security, healthy body image, self-reliance and social inclusion. The dieticians of Canada’s recommendations to support mental health promotion through nutrition include: • Highlighting the importance of healthy eating and mental health • Promote initiatives that target healthy food environments • Food policy aimed at supporting the general populations mental health • Continue to research the evidence about diet and the prevention of mental health conditions How do current community nutrition efforts contribute to positive mental health? By educating the community of nutrition information and providing food skills training we can reduce the number of neural tube defects, low birth weights and premature deliveries. This has a positive effect on cognitive developme
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