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Sabina Valentine

March 27 – Ch 16 Nutrition in Childhood and Late Adulthood Toddlers Age 1-3 • Rapid growth rate of infancy begins to slow • Gains 5.5-7.5 inches and 9-11 pounds • Higher energy expended for increased activity level Macronutrients • Estimated energy requirement (EER) is kcal/day = (89 x weight (kg) – 100) + 20 • 30-40% of total kcal from fat • 1.1 g of protein per kg body weight • 130 g carbs per day • 19 grams fibre per day Micronutrients • ensure adequate intake of the micronutrients that should be obtained from fruits and veggies, including: vitamins A, C, E, calcium, iron, and zinc • iron deficient anemia is the most common nutrient deficiency in young kids Toddler Fluid Needs • 1.3 liters per day Toddler Supplements • Toddler may need supplements, especially for fluoride • Supplements shouldn’t exceed 100% RDA for any nutrient Nutritious Food Choices • Toddlers have an innate ability to match their intake with their needs • Keeping a nutritious variety of foods available encourages a healthful diet • Food shouldn’t be forced on a kid • Don't use bribery to encourage kids to eat Toddler Allergies • Continue to watch for food allergies • Introduce one new food at a time Vegan Families • A diet including eggs and dairy can be a healthful diet • A vegan diet may lack essential vitamins and minerals Preschoolers Age 4-5 • Growth rate continues to slow • Will gain 3-4 inches and 5-6 pounds per year Preschoolers and Macronutrients • Total fat intake should gradually drop to a level closer to adult fat intake • 25-35% of total energy from fat • 0.95 grams protein per kg body weight • 130 grams carbs per day • 25 grams fibre per day Preschoolers and Micronutrients • Vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies continue to be a concern • Vitamins A,C,E, calcium, iron, zinc • AI of calcium incr
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