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University of Alberta
Sabina Valentine

March 13 – Ch12 Physical Activity Fuel for PA • ATP – the energy carrying molecule in the body • ATP must be generated continuously since muscles store only enough ATP for 1-3 seconds of activity After depleting ATP stores, muscles turn to other sources: • Creatine phosphate (CR) stores some energy that can be used to make ATP • Creatine phosphate stores enough energy for 3 – 15 seconds of maximal physical effort After creatine phosphate, carbs are the next source of energy for the production of ATP • Glucose is the primary carb used to generate ATP Metabolism of glucose • Anaerobic breakdown of glucose yields 2 ATP molecules • Aerobic breakdown of glucose yields 36-38 molecules of ATP Triglycerides (fats) can be metabolized to generate ATP • For low intensity exercise • For exercise of long duration • A very abundant energy source, even in lean people • Provides 2x more energy per gram as carbs Carbs and fats can be both used as energy sources for the production of ATP • Carbs are mostly used for high intensity activity • Fats are used for low intensity exercise • Proteins (amino acids) aren’t used as a fuel source for exercise Nutrition for Physical Activity Energy needs • Energy needs may be higher for athletes • Different energy needs for males and females • Depends on body size • Depends on the type of physical activity Recommended diet includes: • 60% of
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