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Sabina Valentine

Jan 19 – Chap 2 – Diet After reading this chapter you will be able to: 1. Describe the four characteristics of a nutritious diet 2. Interpret the Nutrition Facts table on a food label 3. Use the food groups and recommended number of servings of each in Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide to plan a nutritious diet 4. Describe the key features of the new Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide: First Nation, Inuit and Métis 5. Name at least four ways to apply guidelines for healthy eating when eating out Diet Plans • When making choices in each food group, nutrient dense foods are the best choice • Nutrient density: the relative amount of nutrients per calorie of food • Diet plans can be used to design a healthy diet Some diet plans include • Eating well with Canada’s Food guide • the 5-10 a day for better health • the DASH diet plan Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide • use to design a diet with adequacy, moderation, balance, and variety • visit health Canada’s website to create your own customized My Food Guide The 5-10 a Day for Better Health • a campaign involving the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Produce Marketing Association • Recommends everyone over 4 years of age consumes 5-10 servings fruits and veggies each day The DASH Diet Plan • DASH stands for: Dietary approaches to stop hypertension • Similar to the food guide in that it is low in fat and high in fiber • The DASH diet plan Has been shown to reduce BP Can Eating Out Be Nutritious? Eating out often involves: • High fat foods • Large portion sizes A restaurant meal can be equivalent to the recommended fat or calorie intake for an entire day Tips for restaurant meals include: • Avoid whole-milk or cream in beverages • Avoid breaded or fried foods • Share your entree witha friend or take half of your order home for another meal • Order broth based instead of cream based soup • Order salad with dressing on the side • Ask for steamed veggies instead of potatoes or rice • Skip dessert or share with a friend Summary for Chap 2 • A nutritious diet provides adequate energy, nutrients, and fibre to maintain health • A nutritious diet is moderate in the amounts of foods eater. Foods that contain a lot of fat and sugar should be eaten
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