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Lecture 25

PHIL 250 Lecture 25: Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics

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University of Alberta
Charles Rodger

Nov 24 Phronesis involves choice and deliberation; do not have by birth; is a matter of what is advantageous to lead us to the right sort of thing, the end, to apply universal to particular situations properly (through experience). Unifies all virtues through reason, active deliberation guided by attainment of virtue. Its an active condition that resembles virtue; attached to nous, guided bygoverned by nous which is part of you (am intellectual capacity, the highest good). We dont have pj by birth, we need to achieved it. It is concerned with the intellect in a broad sense. Person with pj gathers virtues and makes themselves one. Virtue is necessary for pj (we need to be good); it leads us to the right end, the goal, complete human virtue. You need to be clever to get the right end. Virtue is a matter of particulars so you need experience to learn to do the right sorts of things. Natural virtues are not true virtues because they are not stable states of character. In a way, it seems you need pj to get to virtue but no. All you have to do is look to people who have pj and try to do what they do to develop virtues. Book 2: dragging ourselves back to the mean, shows restraint, modelling ourselves on others [might be problematic] through interaction with others we can determine what virtue is and find someone who is virtuous All virtues work together if pj is active. Restraintunrestraint simply: concerned with bodily pleasures such as that with temperance, mostly things that involve touch and taste, no excess in seeing and hearing; unrestrained people would feel shame Best to worst
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