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Lecture 23

PHIL 250 Lecture 23: Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics

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University of Alberta
Charles Rodger

Nov 19 Complete justice can be seen as full virtue in a certain kind of way because its about having all the right kinds of relations to other people ands laws are to cause this, produce virtue in individuals and have right kind of character. But this doesnt work because you need laws, capable judge and decency etc. Justice is about how people relate to each other, not how you relate to yourself. Justice is composed of all virtues in the full sense, as complete justice but only in a certain way; it is itself a virtue that is distinct from other virtues; it has a specific characteristic of equity (the mean) justice simply Particularincomplete justice is what is being developed; not taking too much or too little for yourself in distributive, retributive (unwilling for one person and willing for other) and justice in exchange (both willing) What is a willing act can be easily brought back into the mean because whats been lostgained is determined. But with retributive, its hard to determine who lost what and how much. In a certain way, particular and complete justice overlap but there are also some ways that they are different. Why? In a certain kind of likeness, there is justiceinjustice with oneself. State that is properly run, according to nature, is run by the virtuous and they should get more. Just state would allow people to develop their virtues. Way of being of plants is nutrition and growth and you need this to have animal way of being of perception and locomotion and you need this to have logos. Whats the point of Nicomachean ethics? How did we come to the intellectual virtues? We are trying to find the th
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