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Lecture 24

PHIL 250 Lecture 24: Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics

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University of Alberta
Charles Rodger

Nov 21 There is no clear rulecriteria as what you should do in this book. Just tells you how to be. His aim is the good life, how to live it, how you should be. It seems the good life is politics but it also shows itself to be just a part of it. Aristotle method: starts with peoples opinions, interrogates them, tries to find whats common in them because there has to be some truth in opinions and sensible particulars Start with whats knowable for us: sensible particulars, primary sense of ousia, primordial, can change, has emotion: its potency that could be realized because its partly matter and form; immediately knowable but not knowable in itself Everything is highly morphic compound. Us included Matter is not intelligible, irrational in a certain sense and can only know it by forms. Actuality is activity. Active and fully itself. What it is and does is the same, it is itself. Unmoved mover is thinking that thinks thinking, beautiful, is absolutely one, indivisible, full activitybeingatwork while staying itself, everything tries to be like it, everything owes its formal being to itnous Being is said in many ways to avoid contradictions. By knowing how virtues are unified, we can
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