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Lecture 29

PHIL 250 Lecture 29: Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics

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University of Alberta
Charles Rodger

Dec 3 Hexis= active condition; not something you have necessarily actively; its a stable condition that has been developed, you have chosen it, forms character, can have it when asleep Energeia= beingatwork, actual fulfillment of a specific active condition Pleasure is the crown of energeia, the actuality itself Ethos=habit Ethos=character Life of contemplation is the best, the highest; it involves no pain (pain in terms of lacking something that contemplation can fulfill) unlike hunger; happiness in the full sense, pleasure in the full sense lies closest in this life this life is blessed, self sufficient because it needs the least external goods but not completely because there is need for external goods such as foodwater, these goods allow us to live this life, we cannot live this life all the time, not immediately useful, this blessed life has the highest part of us: nous What is happiness itself (10.67): highest leading part of humans, matter of nous and logos so thinking things and bringing stuff together. Wisdom is this kind of happiness. Happinesslife is the unification, all are directed towards; is not active condition, it is life itself, is active in terms of beingatwork We need play as a means towards serious activity. Leisure: not engaged with necessities of life. Honor from general people is not good, virtuous person wants honor from friends because they are virtuous (serious people of serious worth)and give honor only in relation to virtues, they know what is beautiful and can judge accordingly Nous is activity in contemp
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