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PERLS104 Lecture Notes - Conflict Theories, Manifest And Latent Functions And Dysfunctions, Ethnocentrism

Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Melanie Muise

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March 18 Race and Ethnicity Part 2
Functionalist Theory
Functionalist theory: assumed that an eventual assimilation of racially
defined minorities into the majority (white) society would occur time
Conflict Theory
Conflict theory: viewed race as an “insider” and “outsider” relations, but was
viewed as a latent function which would lead to social equilibrium. Racism is
a ruling class ideology
Neo (New) – Conflict Theory
New conflict theory asks: how has wealth been produced from the
exploitation of the black athlete?, how have black sporting struggles affected
the emancipation of black people?, who profits from the play and display of
black athletic talent?
Myraim bedard challenged biathlon Canada for providing unilingual coaching
nd other services
Anglophone and Francophone Relations
Before 1976, distributive research showed a significant under-representation
of francophone athletes in high performance and pro sports in Canada
Competing structural and structural explanations – in combo these
explanations provide powerful evidence of discrimination
The under-representation of francophone athletes is being resolved by strong
sport development initiatives in quebec
Native and Non-Native Relations
Relations between natives and non-natives in Canada are characterized by:
exploitation, racism, ethnocentric distortion, assimilation and resistance
Historically, native athletes were exploited for their “novelty” (indianness) on
international tours
Natives were also exploited for their athletic skills in sports such as lacrosse
and running
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