PERLS104 Lecture Notes - Tomboy, Buccal Swab, Fetus

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March 4 Gender Part 2
Hoffman was central to and critical of how to achieve equality in Canadian
The common definition of equality is “fundamentally one which contributes
through its very nature to sex inequality”
CIS Policy on Equality
There are physical differences between men and females where, generally,
males who compete in sport at the interuniversity level are stronger, taller,
heavier, and faster than their female counterparts. Although there are
notable exceptions, this observation is generally correct
Equity refers to treatment that is fair and just. This definition of equity
includes gender, race, ethnicity, language, disability, incomes and other
Equality means that all person enjoy the same status regardless of gender,
race, ethnicity, language, disability, income, and other diversities. It means
that all persons have equal conditions for realizing their full rights and
potential to benefit from the results
Gender Ideology
Gender ideology is crucial because:
Gender is a fundamental organizing principle of social life
Gender ideology influences how we: think of ourselves, define and
relate to other, present ourselves to other, think about and plan for our
Gender Ideology in Canada
Gender ideology in Canada is based on a 2 category classification system
Assumes 2 mutually exclusive categories: heterosexual male and
heterosexual female
Encourages these categories to be perceived in terms of difference, as
Leaves no space for those who don’t fit into either of the 2 categories
involves inequities when it comes to power and access to power
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