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PERLS104 Lecture Notes - Eiffel Tower, Masculinity

Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Sean Ryan

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Tue Sep 18, 2012
Article on Violence + Video Games
- Article suggests that gaming is a serious leisure activity that
- In the Video the 3 people that were interviewed at the table were all pro-gaming, trying to
rationalize that violent video games are okay and pose no threat since they exist in a virtual
For Gaming
Against Gaming
- You can get out violent tendencies
through playing video games. It is an
outlet for our primitive urges to
commit violent acts.
- Improves hand-eye coordination and
cognitive function.
- Strategizing in video games improves
problem solving in the real world,
where some situations may not arise
in reality.
- Crazy people do crazy things and
games don’t make crazy people.
- It is possible for gamers to separate
their gaming lifestyles from reality.
- Violence has always been a part of
sports and leisure; its always been a
primitive human instinct and video
- Teaches kids that violence is okay
and that there are no consequences.
- Encourages conflicts If you’re
constantly challenging others in a
game, this habit may develop in real
life as well.
- Younger kids have access to mature
games, even when they aren’t
cognitively mature enough to tell
right from wrong and learn form the
- Teach people that there are rewards
for violence (e.g. Points for killing
others in COD)
- Hegemonic Masculinity: Creates an
ideal male figure that players are
looking up to (e.g. A strong, ruthless,
muscular soldier)
- Social Construction
Hegemonic Masculinity: refers to a culturally normative ideal of male behavior.
Social Construction: is to create a ―norm‖ – an idea that is perpetuated through society through
cultural and social practices.
The Dutch Documentary:
- Suggests that our world has been very much artificial. E.g. Lines from movies/soap
opers/dramas sometimes are unknowingly being used in real life, which suggests that we are
mixing a constructed reality with the real world. People who have never had a relationship
will know all the lines in a breakup due to television and media.
- Suggests that tourism is constructed and you can feel as if you have been at a place even if
you haven’t ever been there. Who hasn’t seen a photo of the Eiffel tower?
Sports and Authenticity
- Is it something that is physically there? In a football game what is inauthentic? Authenticity
will depend on context.
- The importance of sound in sport. Sound in large sporting events is now constructedfor
example, the applause of an audience in a Nascar event in order to add entertainment value.
- Sounds and noise have become a very important aspect of entertainmentadding sounds
creates a more vivid experience.
- Microphones on athletes- Recording what athletes say on the playing field. Is this okay? E.g.
Female hockey players being judged when swearing like male ones on the playing field but
getting criticized.