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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

PERLS 104 Tue Sep 18, 2012 Article on Violence + Video Games - Article suggests that gaming is a serious leisure activity that - In the Video the 3 people that were interviewed at the table were all pro-gaming, trying to rationalize that violent video games are okay and pose no threat since they exist in a virtual world. For Gaming Against Gaming - You can get out violent tendencies - Teaches kids that violence is okay through playing video games. It is an and that there are no consequences. outlet for our primitive urges to - Encourages conflicts – If you’re commit violent acts. constantly challenging others in a - Improves hand-eye coordination and game, this habit may develop in real cognitive function. life as well. - Strategizing in video games improves - Younger kids have access to mature problem solving in the real world, games, even when they aren’t where some situations may not arise cognitively mature enough to tell in reality. right from wrong and learn form the - Crazy people do crazy things and games. games don’t make crazy people. - Teach people that there are rewards - It is possible for gamers to separate for violence (e.g. Points for killing their gaming lifestyles from reality. others in COD) - Violence has always been a part of - Hegemonic Masculinity: Creates an sports and leisure; its a
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