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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Leah Hall Dorothy

,fn O Ýf¾½¾ °¾ ¾°¾¾ O Ýf¾f°f¾f½¾f°¾¾f°¾¯f¾f°– °¾n°¾ Ýf¾½€° Ýf¾½¾f ť O nffn¯½°–¾° O °¾¾°fn°–¾° O °€°n½½ O f°°–f–½½ O Ýf¾½¾f°°€°nf°¾½f¯°–f¾f°€¾°°fnf°–¾ f°n¯¾f€n¾f½½¾ Ýf¾½¾f fť O I¾°f ť¯°–½½°f¾°–n° O fnťf–°½½¾f°¾–f°f°¾–f¾ O €€fťn°°n°–½½½¾ n–nf f°–°–½½n°°nfn °¾f¯f O ¯nfnť¯¯¯° °°–½½°n¾°¾ O 9fn¾ť¾¾nf°–°––f¾ O ¯¯f°°–ť½¾nfn°ţ¾½nf °¾fn¾¾ Ýf¾½° ¾ť O x°€°n O x°°° O ½¾°f¾½°¾ f°°– O nf°– O ¾f½½¾ O f°€¾ O ¾ ¾ţf¾½¾¾ff¯°–f¾f°€¾ţ °€ °–f–f° fnn½°––¾€¾½°¾ O fnf° f€f°f€nf°f¾ ff 9ff–¯€f¾½f¾ť O ¦f O ° O ¯½° O D°€¯ O ¾€Ŵn° O f° -9ff–¯€f¾½ť O f°–f°¾¾¯f°f–¯° O ¯½¯° O f f° O ¾ O –½½¾ O f°¯ °–@ ¾ €Ýf¾½ O @f¾f¾½¾nf° nf–° f¾nf½½fn¾ Ŧ f¯f° !Ŧ @f¾ "Ŧ f¾ #Ŧ °°–°n ¾ $Ŧ x°€°n¾ Ŧ %f°f¾ @ff¾¯–°–f¾½¾ f,f°@ ť O ¾¾–f°f €f¾½n°n½¾ O €ff¾ °nf°nf¾½f¾f°°fff ¾€ ½f°°€°n O f¯½¾ť¯f ţnn¾ @[email protected] ¾ť O ¾fn¾¾€&f–f°€f¾f¾½fnff¾nffn¾n¾ O xf¾–f€f¾n °€ţf¾n ½n½f½¾° f° f @ ¾ť O °–ffff¾ff°¾¾ O %¾fn€n¾°¾f°¾½°¾ ¾°© O %¾fn¾f¾fff ff¾€¾ťfnfn¯nfn° f½½fn °°–°n ¾ť O n°ff°¾f°fff ¾f°€°nff¾½ f¾ €€n O Ýf¾nf°f°f ¾f°f°f f¯½f¾½ €€n°¾¾ O ,f©¾f°fff ¾fnffn¾n¾€€¾ţ°°¯°ţ€f¾ţ f°°f°°¯° O Ŧx½°¾ x°€°n ¾ť O f¯°¾°€°n½n¾¾¾ °ff°€¾ O ¾€¾f¾½°€°n f¾°°½¾°€¯ff f° (f¾f°nf¾¯fn½¾°f €f O Ŧ°n°€½½ƹ¯@¾f èf °[email protected] ¾ O  ff°€°fnf°°€°n°f° O ,f©f°f ť@f°¾€¯f°fÝf¾½ O O %f°¾½¾ťŦ,Ý O Ýf¾½¾f¾ff°f½n¾¾f¯f°°–€ °–f–¾f½fn½f°¾f° °f ¾fn½¾°n° fn°–¾° O @¾ ½€f¾½½¾€¾°f¾f° °–¾f ¾–°€nf°nf°– f°–f¾f°€¾–¾€¯f°f°¯f 9¾ °f O 9¾°f ť¾€°¾°nffn¾n¾f°½n¾¾¾f°ff ¾f ½f°€ f°¾½°¾f¾ţ ©n¾ţf°½½°°°¯° O Ýf¾f°¾f°°–€°f¾½¾°f¾€€nf°¾¾ °¾f°°–¯½f¾½€€n°¾¾ O @ –$½¾°f ¯°¾°¾ť¾°ţf–f °¾¾ţn°¾n°¾°¾¾ţ¯°f f ţf°½°°¾¾½°n*€¯½ ¯°
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