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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

Jan 23Victorian Ideals of Sport and Leisure y Upper Canada was where Ontario is today y Lower Canada is where Quebec is y The colonies confederated in 1867 under John MacdonaldThe Victoria Era y Queen Victoria 18371901 y Monarch Of British Empire y S L dominated by AngloProtestant Valuesy Belief that Canada contributed to the greatness of the Empirey AngloCanadian nationalism was tied to British imperialismy If you were English speaking you saw yourself as Britishy Imperialism is a policy of extending control over foreign entitiesy This done by gaining territory conquest and maintenance of the empirey Canadian Imperial Nationalism y Canadas triumphs were Britains tooy Canadas national flag didnt show up til the 60s Victorian Cities y High immigration and urbanization industrial cities grew rapidly Montreal and Toronto grew rapidly telegraphs were used papers were published in the cities y Poor health conditions industrial smog iron stoves high infant mortality rate lack of clean water milk was unpasteurized people would shower in public bathhouses crowded houses no sewers or sanitations lived in close proximity to cattle and pigs there were lots of rats and there was lots of crap and disease y Social stratification class gender and ethnicity lines
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