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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

Jan 25Victorian Ideals Of Sport and Leisure Part 2Summary of previous eventsAfter the 1870s sports no longer limited to the social elitesVictorian middle classes reshaped sport according to their values rational recreation and amateurismThis outlook was institutionalized by organizations ex AAUC that governed SLIt determined who could play and who couldntCultural Power1The capacity to structure sport in preferred ways and to institutionalize these preferences in sport rules and organizations2The capacity to establish selective sport traditions ex Women dont play hockey3The capacity to define the range of legitimate practices and meanings with dominant sport practicesVictorian LadiesThe prevailing Victorian view womenweaker sex than menThey were viewed as being housewives and daughters and to serve menLimited physical activities1 Myth of Female Frailty fears that women would hurt themselves too gentle and frail2 ideals of femininity and domesticity competitive activity was unladylike and unfeminineMyth Of Female FrailtyWomen were the weaker sex deviant body
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