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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

April 2The 1972 Summit SeriesThe series was seen as an east vs west battleRepresenting Thru Filmreconstructing the messagePatriotic justiceWarlike clash of nations and ideologyEast vs WestFilm doesnt talk about why the series was even heldAge of ColdWar PoliticsSoviet union collapses in 1991Cold War began immediately after the WW2Spurred a nuclear arms race tension with communist USSR spread of communism in Asian and eastern Europe US Vietnam War McCarthyismIdeologically strained eatwest relationsAfter the WW2 US created NATO to defend against allied forcesAt the time socialism and communism were opposed to democracy and freedomThe USSR established the eastern block and the iron curtain fell over eastern Europe and much of asiaDue to this curtain there was little info going in and little info going outThis to the CIA and secret agentsThere were races for secret informationIn the 1940s and 1950s thousands of Americans were accused of being communistsPeople were randomly rounded up and accused of being communist in AmericaPeople lost their jobs imprisonmentthis was a scary time
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