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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

April 4Nation Quebec and The RocketQuebec As NationLouis Riel was seen as a son of QuebecThroughout history education rights were a huge issueToday nation emanates from the 1960 where the idea of nation took on new meanings1960s was a period where Quebec and Canada were changingIn 1839 Lord Durham said this in response to the QuebecCanada battle 2 nations warring in the bosom of a single stateFearful of assimilation generations of Quebecers have put forward their national heroes as the need arose Confederation Riel the Conscription Crisis education rights etc1960s the idea of nation took on new meaningsCultural Life in the 60s and 70sThe 60s were a bit radicalJFK was assassinated and there were Vietnam protestsPeople who were draft dodgers were coming to CanadaEnvironmentalism stemmed from Rachel carsons book silent springIt was a book about DDT and its effects on the ecosystemThe trans Canada highway was completed in the early 60sThere was a spike in visitors to national parksTrudeau mania was hugeBy 1965 50 of Canadas population was under 21As these kids grew to adulthood their voting power changed Canada and the US
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