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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

Edmonton GradsMarch 14How it beganBasketball began in a prairie field in 1910The first womens team in Alberta was in Lacombe in 1909Percy Page was the coach of the Edmonton grads He went to Victoria high and started the business educationAfter the women at the MacDougall school graduated page and the girls created a team called the Edmonton commercial graduatesThe original team was born in 1915There was a junior team senior team then the gradettesAs the team grew they became more successful and wanted to become the champions of CanadaPage contacted a London team in the east and they played for the championship in 1922From 1923 onwards they played with mens rulesThey had a best of 3 series one game with womens rules other game was with mens rulesAs the team travelled outside of Edmonton they were ambassadors for EdmontonThe Edmonton businesses got behind the gradsAs many as 9000 people would crowd into the arenasIn 1923 the grads gave Percy page a carPage emphasized that players carried themselves in a professional mannerThe grads were dominating all the teams in the east and north AmericaSpark plug was the mascot for the gradsThe grads were awarded the world championships by the international basketball federation
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