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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

March 3WW1This war transformed our economy and identityThere were 4 divisions of soldiers going to fight for CanadaThe soldiers were all volunteersConscription wasnt enacted until 191960000 people died in the first WWWhen Britain declared war on Germany in 1914 Canada and the other colonies were automatically involvedCanadians of british decent said that Canada had a duty to fight for England their motherlandThere was celebration in the streets when the war was declaredWithin 3 months of declaring war on Germany they had 32000 soldiersthTroops like the 180 battalion would leave Toronto for the battlefields of Europe during the WW1 were supplied with weapons and equipment produced in Canadas factories Mobilization for war contributed to Canadas shift into the modern worldCanadians fought in mostly Flanders Belgium and FranceFrance was a home away from home there were events such as Canadian Corps Fall Championship Athletic Meet which was held in France September 1917Some of the famous battles include vimy ridgeCanadian media focused on the battle of vimy ridgeThis was the first war where Canadians fought under Canadian generals not British generalsOver time the Canadians took over vimy ridge and was a possession throughout the warPeople say vimy ridge was the beginning of the Canadian independenceIt was a beginning of people identifying themselves as Canadians first then British second
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