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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

March 19Sport Involvement in Sport and Fitness part 1Main IdeaCanadian state at the federal level had little involvement in Sport and fitness before WW2Sport wasnt equally accessible to all before WW2Olympic athletes were dependent on their own resources ex Travel and moneyAfter WW2 positive state intervention was considered beneficialRise of state intervention considered beneficial under the welfare stateThus Canadian govt became involved in SF2 main types of direct state involvement 1 promoting high performance and 2 promoting mass fitness happened due to the great depressionWhat Is State InvolvementCanadian Federal System3 levels of govt federal provincial and municipalThese levels of govt have jurisdiction areas of power and responsibilityAll had their own jurisdiction and was spelled out in the British governance act of 1867 BNA Act in 1867Jurisdiction was never clearly defined so this left ambiguity and questioned who in the govt was responsible for funding sport and fitnessPeople didnt think about sport and fitness until after WW2 and the rise in Keynesian economicsThe welfare stateKeynesian EconomicsCreated by John Maynard Keynes Cambridge
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