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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

March 7Workers And Womens SportPM Borden was the PM during WW1He was a conservative and remained PM til 1920He granted a military exemption to farmers in 1917On Jan 4 1916 Borden said it can hardly be expected that we shall put 400000 or 500000 men in the field and willingly accept the position of having no more voice and receiving no more consideration than if we were toy automataA crisis was bubbling in Quebec about some children being sent to war Who would work the land if sons had to go to warHowever 2 weeks later he retracted this exemption and this infuriated the westThis established a pattern of western protestThere were songbooks published by the industrial workers of the world such as the one published in 1917With such revealing titles as Dump the Bosses Off Your Back Im Too Old to be a Scab and There Is Power In A Union its not surprising that this songbook of the radical Americanbased revolutionary union the Industrial Workers Of the World IWW hoped to fan the flames of discontentAfter the war Canada was plunged into a recessionFor the first part of the decade Canada was in recession due to the war debtIt made the west right for a confrontationThis sense of worker revolt wasnt just Canadian it was widespread in Europe and north AmericaThe focal point occurred in 1919 and began with the Winnipeg general strike1000s of people took to the streets to display labour solidarityWestern labour organizers encouraged by the Russian revolutionIn march of 1919 all labour organizers met in Calgary to form a big union that would unite all workers and would be able to call general strikesIn 1919 there was a Winnipeg general strike Federal govt feared that the red revolution was at handThe labourers discontent ended up in violence and the govt panickedWorkers in Winnipeg organized a silent parade in 1919 and it was violently broken up by the policeThis was known as bloody SaturdayThe govt organized troops and armoured vehiclesJune 21 1919bloody SaturdayThe Winnipeg general strike ended in failure and was an unparalleled eventThis showed that all was not right in the prairiesThe conflict in Winnipeg led to clamouring in issues such as prohibition and womens suffrage movementThe farmers soon united and created the national progressive party
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