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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

Feb 3Phys Ed In Canada Main ideasPE in Canada originated with drillPlay sport and games considered extracurricularEducation reformers stimulated PE in schools spread through curricula and broadened to other kinds of activities as PE professionalizedEarly Education SystemCanadas first PE programs YWCA YMCA universities late 19 centuryFew PE school programs before 1900No widespread school system private education vs Common schoolsThere was no widespread school system at the timeEducationprovincial jurisdiction BNA 1867 Ontario schoolsleadersAlberta still has one of the best elementary school curriculums in the countryDr Egerton RyersonCanadian educator and social reformer1844 supt Ontario public schoolsProtestant work ethiceducationPEdiscipline childrenMilitary dill and calisthenicsSlow beginning of school PE facilitiesHenry Goodwinone of the first Phys Ed TeacherBefore 1880 only 70 of Ontario teachers received trainingTraining was fairly progressive The upper Canada college emphasized physical education for young gentlemen Sports diffused out of private schools and into the public view Public health and kindergarten helped emphasize phys ed to upkeep kids health Play was seen as the key to learning
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