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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

Feb 1Social Reform Part 2Hegemony TheoryAntonio gramscifocused on how societies hold together by apparent consent despite obvious classethnic inequalitiesWas interested in how societies were held together by consent everyone bought into the rulessystemHowever some of the rules privileged some more than othersDefinition ongoing process to achieve social control through dominanceSocial elites establish dominance and position of moral and intellectual leadershipMaking systems of meaning and values into common sense that serves to justify inequalities or status quoNot that everyone identifies with one way of thinking but dominant meanings limit alternative meanings and practices which offer resistance to the dominantExample of hegemonymedical profession moral physiologyEx AAUC defined the dominant sport model as amateurism whereas other ideals of sportleisure were marginalizedReviewLate Victorian era to Edwardian ageGrowth of social reform movementsAdvocated benefits of sport and leisureAntidote to ills of urban lifeTwo interpretations of social reformers 1 benevolent and selfless leadership 2 selfinterested social controlWomen And ReformSocial reform period coincided with the womens suffrage movement the history of the vote in Canada
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