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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Zac Robinson

April 13Canada and the Postwar Sporting StateStates commitment to sport was temporary and fleeting pre WW2There was some state involvement in sport in fitnessIn the cold war era sport become informally linked with foreign policy ex Trudeau and the Summit Series1958 was an important year cause the Canadian sport advisory council was madeThis council said sport was important to national defense economic development culture and healthSport became a big part of the new social welfare stateAt this time Canada began to give medical benefits and provide social welfareThere were clear links to nationalismBill C131 1961Was The Fitness and Amateur Sport ActAllowed government to fund coaching and grants to sporting organizationThe bill marked a shift where sport became a federal issue a component of the social welfare stateIn the 1960s1970s national infrastructure for sport to promote sport and physical fitness2 initiativesCanada games to develop athletes from across the country and to encourage national unityQuebec hosted the first Canada games in 1967The motto of the games was unity through sportThere was a crisis of national unity in Quebec
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