PERLS207 Lecture Notes - Social Cognitive Theory, Group Dynamics, Observational Learning

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Impairment: a problem with body function or structure. Having an impairment doesn’t
have to mean they are in a state of disability
Activity Limitation: Difficulty encountered by individual in doing a task.
Participation Restriction: Problem experienced by an individual in involvement in life
Contextual Limitation: Barriers imposed by societal attitudes, policies, and architecture
Disability: Complex phenomenon, reflecting interaction between features of a person’s
body and features of the society in which they live
Attitude: Learned predisposition to approach or avoid, can be + or -, affects behaviour
Discipline: A body of knowledge, The control or management of people
Establish standards, examine person’s performance on task, tank this person in
relation to other performances
Attitude Theories:
-Adaptations don’t try to make everyone equally skillful, try to make everyone able to
engage in range of similar tasks
-Behaviours towards ppl with Disability:
Increase emotional stress
Increase psychological arousal
Decreased motor activity
Decrease variability in behaviour
Express opinions other than those reported
Shorter interactions
1. Contact Theory:
-Change attitudes through increased contact
-Positive social contact
-Relationship of equal status
-Contact should be pleasant and rewarding
-Promoting common goals instead of competitive goals
-Contact must be planned/structured
2. Persuasion Communication Theory:
-Use persuasion, direct(lectures, talks, etc) and indirect (wheelchair lab)
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