Spinal Cord Injury

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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Joanna Clair

Spinal Chord Injury -Spinal Chord Injury: Any event, disease, or condition which causes either complete or incomplete paralysis of left/and or right upper and/or lower extremities ~900 new injuries/year (lower in Canada than USA) ~78% injuries between ages 15-34 ~80% new injuries in males -Most caused by vehicle crashes -Majority unemployed (~70%) -Most live in private homes/residences -Marital status not much different -Spinal Chord: •7 Cervical vertebrae, 8 nerves •12 Thoracic vertebrae & nerves •5 Lumbar vertebrae & nerves •5 Sacral vertebrae & nerves •C4 Critical b/c it innervates diaphragm Spinal Tracts: -Voluntary Motion: Lateral corticospinal, Anterior corticospinal -Touch & Pressure: Anterior Spinothalamic -Pain & Temperature: Lateral Spinothalamic -Vibration & Position: Posterior Columns -Tetraplegia: Cervical lesion, affects sensory/motor function in all limbs, trunk, bladder, bowel, sex organs, possible respiratory dysfunction -Paraplegia: Thoracic or Lumbar lesion, trunk, lower limbs, bladder, bowel, sex organs -Hemiplegia: Lesion affecting one side of spinal chord Health Issues and Concerns with SCI -Pressure sores, spasticity+contractures, autonomic dysreflexia, muscle atrophy, obesity, cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, temp. control, heat/circulatory regulation,
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