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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Joel Edwards

AdaptationsJan 24 Recall the difference between inclusion and integration y Inclusionthe belief that all potential participants regardless of ability are essential and valuable in the active living opportunity y Integrationconveys that a programs exists and you are making space for a person with a disability to function within the previously established context y All individuals have the right to enjoy an active living lifestyle Personal interests and preferences should be the basis for activity selection y Question is how will you adaptAdaptations Accommodations and Modifications y Adapt to make suitable to adjust or to modify in accordance with individual needs y Adaptation a purposeful change made to promote the achievement of goals y Adaptation requires goals and assessmentsLooking At The Situation Objectivelyy Adaptations try to make it possible for everyone to engageparticipate in a range of similar tasks HOWEVER y Adaptations arent designed to make everyone equally skilfulCreativity and Individualization y There are many paths that lead to the same goal y Either base an activity on a persons performance individualization or on what you know about the person as an individual y Individualization provide opportunities for successful performance y Individual what you know about the individual is what you are going to perceive as you move onWhy Adapt Or Modify y To facilitate learning if there is a sensory disability you will have to teach in a different way y To facilitate participation y To facilitate success
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