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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Joel Edwards

Jan 12Attitudes and Disability Disability as an umbrella term y Impairmentphysiologyanatomy tied to the bodys structure and function y Activity limitationdifficulty in completing an activity created by impairment y Restriction in participationproblems in everyday life situations and social roles y Contextual limitationphysical and social barriers encountered in specific environment y Questionin your own words define disability as an umbrella termAdapted Physical Activity CrossDisciplinary Field y Crossdisciplinaryinfluenced by a number of disciplines including education physical education and rehabmedicineIdentificationy assessment and designing interventions for individuals with psychomotor problems y lifespan approach y not limited to children applied to all ages y not limited to individuals with disabilitiesAdvocacy y disability rights y equal access to healthy active lifestyleService Delivery y in schools and the community y supports inclusion and integration Q If You were asked by someone how would you define APAAttitudes can be y mood y biases y behaviour
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