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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Joel Edwards

Jan 17Language and TerminologyThe Role Of Language y Language and words are powerful y Facilitates communication y The first way we can devalue people y Perpetuates stereotypes and reenforce negative attitudesStereotypes Sherrill y All members of a particular group share the same characteristics y Applies to all unfamiliar groups y Learned from our role modelsLabelling lauchlan and Byole y Place individuals together in categories based on the presence of certain characteristics y Fails to account to account for individual differences y Lead to negative selfconcept y Once you are labelled its hard to get rid of the labelExceptions when Labels Help lauchlan And Boyle y Sports classification y Access to resources y Communication y Provide a social identityindividuals can identify themselves as a part of a group which can develop a sense of prideFrom A Historical Perspective Person with Impairments were y Pitied y Fearedy Ignored
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