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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Joel Edwards

Jan 19Service Delivery Paradigms of Service Delivery in APA note slide 3 y Facility Based Paradigmtied to corrective therapy and normalized movement for individuals with physical disabilities y Service Basedfocused on disability which defined physical activity programs Individuals with various impairments were included y Supports based y Empowerment self determination what we use nowFacilityBased thy Early 20 century y People with disabilities institutionalized y Residential programs and special schools y Physical isolation from the general population y Eliminated opportunities for interaction y Within the facilities themselves the attitudes toward disabled people were exemplified y Schools could deny people entry due to a disability y If people were unable to communicate they were place in an institution y Corrective therapyattempts to correct physical issues through exercise y Focus on physical fitness and posture y Only physical impairments y Driven by injured WW2 soldiersServiceBased Paradigm y Inspired by WW2 vets y Public concern about institutions y Led to special services to support integration of individuals with disabilities into society y mainstreaming Mainstreaming y Associated with the education of students with disabilities in the same class as their peers without disabilities y Alternative to segregated programming
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