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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Joel Edwards

Hearing LossMarch 8Speaker became profoundly deaf from bacterial meningitis at age 2Her hearing loss is profound and permanentWhat is Hearing LossWhen describing hearing loss we look at type of hearing loss degree of hearing loss and the configuration of the hearing lossTypes of hearing loss sensorineural conductive mixedunilateralConductive Hearing LossSounds isnt conducted efficientlyIndividual will experience reduction in sound levelCauses ear wax perforated ear drum tumorsCan be surgically or medically fixedExampleear plugs putting hands over earsSensorineural Hearing LossDamage to the inner ear cochlea and nerve pathwaysIndividuals will experience reduction in sound levels and speech discriminationCauses diseases birth injury drugs genetic syndromes noise exposure viruses head trauma aging and tumorsCannot be surgically or medically fixedMixed Hearing LossBoth conductive and sensorineural hearing lossDamage in both outer and inner ear
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