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University of Alberta
Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Joel Edwards

MSFeb 28GoalPurpose To increase knowledge and understanding about MS To understand the impact physical activity and leisure activities may have for a person living with MSWhat is MSMSMultiple many Sclerosis scarsA chronic unpredictable often disabling autoimmune disease which attacks the CNS brain spinal cord and optic nerveCNSMessage relay system in the body that sends and receives messages to perform a task or functionWith MS the smooth flow of messages sent is slowed interrupted or blockedFunctional Damage to CNSMotor nerve Tracts weakness bowelbladder problems paralysisSensory nerve tracts altered sensations numbness burning sensations pins and needles painCerebrumCerebellum staggering gait loss of coordination tremors balanceMyelin and MSImmune system is confused and attacks the myelin coating the nerves in the brain and spinal cord causing damage and scarringMyelin breaks down and is replaced by scar tissue The damaged areas are also known as plaques or lesionsNerve fibre itself may be damaged or brokenScarring makes it difficult to sendreceive messages being sent back and forth between the brain and the nervesWhat we do know is thatIs not a mental illnessIsnt contagiousIsnt a muscle diseaseIsnt directly inherited although studies do reveal a genetic predispositionIsnt a fatal disease for the vast majority of peopleHas no known cause or cure yetCauses of MS The nature of MS may beGenetic predisposition no evidence that MS is inherited but there are some genes that predispose to the development of MS First degree relatives are at a 35 higher risk than the general populationAutoimmune Response Immune cells attack the myelin possibly mistaking it for a foreign substance The exact antigen target that immune cells are sensitized to attack remains unknownEnvironmental Factors May be a virus climate UV radiation precipitation diet smog living conditions etcCauses Most Common Current TheoryMS is an autoimmune disease triggered in genetically susceptible people by some environmental agents most likely viralWho Can get MSAge 1550 yearsGender ratio 31 female to male ratio
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