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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

Feb 15 – Sport Oligopolies Don't need a certain number of references Ex. Stats from TBL article can show that obesity is wide spread A network of govt and leagues and clubs come together to produce mass media sport events Think about production!! Broadcasting media isn’t just any particular media like HNIC. We are talking about the structure of sport broadcasting, how every sport is broadcast. To alter the structure, is to alter how every sport is broadcast. There are minor alterations and major alterations. Main Arguments 2 main arguments: Author says Often sport broadcast is used for promotional appeals The superbowl is a mass advertising juggernaut in addition to being a sport spectacle A ad in the superbowl costs upwards of 3 billion dollars (extremely expensive) Companies get charged million for a small ad in the superbowl But it doesn’t stop here The article shows that when companies put that much money into a superbowl ad and is a corporate sponsor, it isn’t just those companies. other networks like CBC and NBC are putting millions of dollars into broadcast rights. These networks are also corporate entities NBC doesn’t just broadcast and go its way. Coke doesn’t just do an ad and then leave. All of this One of the alterations is an erosion of the basic professional code of standards, ethics, and laws of broadcasting laws and journalistic codes of conduct such as objectivity and balance. If Budweiser pays 3.8 billion, we only want to see ads that are compatible with ours in that section of the superbowl Corporate sponsors have a way in sport is produced and broadcast A broadcaster might want to say something but he cant Sport and media have a symbiotic relationship – you help me I help you In Norway, soccer developed along amss media Technology was important in this For example, now we can see a large production of sport scores in news papers as the papers got larger We see a relationship between sport and mass media Using the sociological imagination, we need to think broadly We need to examine society Capitalism picked up steam at the same time as commodification and globalization pick up Author talks about the corporate influence For example, one match had extra time. There wasn’t supposed to be a lot of time between the regulation and OT. The ref was told to hold off on starting the match until the commercials were done Ex. We see SNW incorporate little ads like home hardware into little blocks of time stoppage We see tv timeouts in sports and this is due to corporate sponsor influence Some teams can dictate where interviews can take place (ex. Stand in front of corporate sponsor ad in interview) we see this in HNIC where the players have to do interviews outside.. There were some commercials that the corporation had to show during games at a certain time Some shows even had to be broadcast as part of the agreement of broadcasting (ex. Oil change being broadcast on SNW) This will increase popularity and power Does this matter? We see a shift of power from the broadcasting media to the corporate sponsors Its important because the corporate production influence has undermined the ideals of public broadcast. Who gets to decide whats important to broadcast? The editorial staff doesn’t get to decide if the corporate sponsors are dictating that The media should broadcast what the public should know and need to know. However, now corporate influence is influencing what the media can say and what they should say. Corporate sponsors are also dictating what the athletes can eat and drink and wear. The IOC has the rights for the OG. But this kind of commodifies the sport. Instead of it being just about the love of the game or a political story, what is important is what will generate revenue. An example of undermining the ethics is seen when we see the right to have a open debate about something taken away. We don't get open debate or flow of info because the only info you can broadcast is one that has been dete
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