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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Sean Ryan

Feb 1 – Sport Media Complex If using simple concepts, use more Pick concepts that are relevant and appropriate If media clip is indicating a particular concept, make sure you indicate it Class should have a general idea of what happened in the clip • Sports is a major component on the tv menu • Is that a completely innocent relationship? No, sport is influenced and altered by media • What are the factors that change sport? Sport Discourse • Presented as apolitical and ahistorical • Usually the sport event is portrayed as having some sort of history in relation to itself. Ex. Do you remember the Athens Olympics • Apolitical – we ignore the political events happening during sports. We forget about the fall of the USSR during the 92 barcelona Olympics • Leaves out larger social issues and political and economic consequences • So sport is sold to us in a profoundly antisociological way • This makes it hard to launch any critique • Why is televised sport so antisociological? The article says there is media logic, tv sport as news, or tv sport as entertainment Media Logic 1.) narrative • shows are driven by story – plot, character, setting, etc. • If drama is lacking, commentators will invent moments to focus on. Ex? Commentators talking about the preview for the superbowl • Main plot element is conflict (between teams) but this is simplistically rendered as good vs. Evil. Ex. There were clear good guys and clear bad guys. • Narrative structure tends to follow a pattern: disruption, solution, restoration or equilibrium • This structure makes it appear as if everything comes out all right in the end. The good guy
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